Weekly Updates Jan 16 – Jan 22, 2017


This week in the Refugee Readiness Hub has added the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Toolkit. This practical web-based resource provides information about private refugee sponsorship to groups across Canada prepared by the Canadian Council for Refugees. Join a virtual meeting on how to use this resource on February 7.

To respond effectively to the mental health needs of refugees, it’s helpful to first dispel several myths and let the intriguing findings of recent studies guide our efforts Learn more in the 5 Myths About Refugees.

In addition, the Refugee Health Vancouver has provided a number of handouts and resources online in English and Arabic on mental heath.

In the news and success stories include Vancouver’s humanitarian tech wizards create digital lifeline for refugees and aid workers, B.C. settlement groups prepare for possible “Trump bump” in immigrants and refugees, Syria and its refugees: a historical perspective,and ‘Stepping stones’: Children’s book tells Syrian refugees’ journey through stone art.