Weekly Update July 3-10, 2016


This week, Canadian and European researchers and officials met to discuss refugees and civic integration at a roundtable and panel discussion, This roundtable conference and panel discussion entitled “Refugees and Civic Integration:  How do we ensure success?” was hosted by Canadian Embassy of Berlin to discuss ongoing challenges faced by increased migration. While the German socio-political context differs from the Canadian context, both countries are experiencing similar challenges relating to migration and integration of refugees. Full article here.

Image featured in this post depicts Marie Gervais, Vidricaire Ambassador of Canada in Germany, opening the discussion panel.

This edition of the Island Tides provides a comprehensive update as to events and current politics in Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast regions. Included is an article inviting local residents to participate in a picnic to welcome Syrian refugees who are located in Victoria (p. 5). This community-building picnic will be happening at Dinner Bay on July 13th and all are welcome. Event hosted by The Mayne Island Syrian Refugee Support Group.

VIRCS, a non-profit society that supports immigrants and refugees, is hosting a musical fundraiser on July 25th – Phoenix – A Musical Fundraiser for Syrian Refugees – featuring several contemporary artists. Nelly Furtado and the Victoria Symphony, along with Neil Osbourne and Alex Cuba, will be performing live at the Royal Theatre in Victoria. Funds raised will go towards the society’s emergency refugee fund to help assist refugees and newcomers during difficult times. Tickets can be purchased at rmts.bc.ca.

The City of Vancouver has continued to support and welcome Syrian refugees through their contribution of land, grants and the construction of an innovative, new Vancouver Welcome House for refugees. These and other strategies have been to foster a sense of belonging and community for Vancouver’s newcomers. Learn more about the City’s strategies in helping refugees adapt to Vancouver and how you can help to support Vancouver refugees here.

The Canadian Red Cross has been dedicated to responding to the recent refugee crisis through First Aid provided in languages other than English and French. They provide helpful services such as First Aid training and disaster-preparedness courses. Learn more about the Canadian Red Cross’ role in supporting refugees here and find out how you can get involved by volunteering or donating.

The Red Cross has recently launched a brand-new free app, available on Google Play for android, that offers mobile resources for immigrants and refugees. This app, entitled “Red Cross Refugee Buddy” provides up-to-date information to refugees in the Netherlands and Canada. With links for translation, latest news, first aid and asylum-seeking procedure, this app will help counteract some challenges faced by newcomers in Canada. Download the app here.

Make sure you’re up to date with new and updated publications from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Click here for the most frequently viewed publications of the IRB.

Lastly, the Canadian Council for refugees has put together an infographic to explain and make several recommendations concerning Refugee Transportation Loans.