Weekly Update July 11-17, 2016


If you haven’t read last week’s post, we provided a general overview of several ongoing national, international and city-wide projects that are aiding refugees. This week we will be talking about how individual BC residents can get involved in helping resettle and integrate Syrian refugees.

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The HomeStart Foundation is a non- profit Christian organization, working with over 70 member agencies, helping people re-establish a home. They receive donations of lightly-used household furniture and create a comfortable home environment for those in need. It costs only $260.00 to furnish a home. HomeStart Foundation is currently taking furniture and financial donations, find out how to donate here.

The Canadian Red Cross is a national charity that responds to a variety of national and international crises each year, at this moment involved in over 188 missions around the world. Currently donations are needed to continue Red Cross aid in both the conflict affected countries and the countries receiving refugees. Make a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation plan here.

If you’re looking to donate to an immigrant services organization closer to home, this new feature on the Government of Canada website will allow you to narrow your search. With over 193 unique immigrant services centres across BC, there are countless ways to get involved and donate to projects you feel passionate about. Find the closest one to you here.

SAH’s (sponsorship agreement holders) hold an agreement with the Government of Canada to sponsor refugees and help support their immigration to Canada. A donation helps an SAH group best support and provide resources to sponsored refugees. This group can be a local, regional or national religious or non-religious group. Find the closest one to you here, or find out how to apply to be an SAH here.


If you are interested in donating time rather than money, you can find a local organization in your area here and start getting involved today.