Weekly Update: February 5-11, 2018

CMAS Report

Reports and Publications:

CMAS – The Resilience Guide: Program Strategies for Responding to Trauma in Refugee Children

UNHCR Innovation – Essays from the Edge of Humanitarian Innovation

News and Events:

Feb 7, 2018 – CBC News: 1 in 6 female asylum seekers fleeing gender-based persecution – Deka and Khadija believe their husbands will kill them if they’re sent back to Djibouti

Government of Canada – IRCC: How we process privately sponsored refugee applications

The Government of Canada sets the number of applications that can be processed in a given year in the Annual Immigration Levels Plan. In 2018, that target is 18,000 privately sponsored refugees. We generally process applications on a first-in, first-out basis. There are applications for roughly 41,000 refugees waiting to be processed (as of December 2017).

Immigration Policy Lab – Harnessing Big Data to Improve Refugee Resettlement

Success Stories:

HuffPost: Refugees To Canada Share What They Appreciate About Their New Home

“People are very welcoming here.”