Gain perspective on the current refugee crisis and the resettlement movement unfolding in Canada, British Columbia and your community. The following page provides learning fact sheets, reports, training and more.





Syrian Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs) to British Columbia: A Roadmap to Integration for GARs destined outside Metro Vancouver released by ISSofBC on June 6, 2017. The report is based on a telephone survey of 45 Syrian GAR heads of households representing over 250 individuals who arrived in BC between February and April 2016. The report gives insight into successes and challenges of refugees settling in different regions across BC, including smaller centres & remote cities.


Syrian Refugee Settlement Patterns in Metro Vancouver: Changing Patterns and New Influences released by ISSofBC, provides a glimpse of where Syrian GARs who arrived between November 4, 2015 and December 31, 2016 currently reside.


Syrian Refugee Operation to British Columbia: One Year In – With the unprecedented number of Syrian refugee arrivals to BC within the past year, ISSofBC took the opportunity to mark their first year in Canada by documenting their early settlement experiences and outcomes.


Syrian Refugees Month 13 & Beyond – Presentation Powerpoint slides from webinar hosted by AMSSA, ISSofBC and funded by The Province of British Columbia.


What is ISSofBC funded to do? – From creating a provincial-wide online portal to delivering workshops


Key phases for Syrian refugee movement to Metro Vancouver – From pre-arrival to settlement services


Refugee Resettlement to Canada, BC and Metro Vancouver – Historical data from 2010-2015


Syrian Refugee Resettlement in BC – What does the resettlement of Government Assisted Refugees mean for BC?


RAP benefits for GARs in BC – What financial assistance do GARs receive?


RAP and Settlement Services for GARs – services for GARs under the RAP program


RAP Activities and Forms – key form and activities undertaken with the first 3 weeks in BC


Important – 2016 Tax Returns – English & Arabic notice for clients wishing file tax returns


How do I access online services – English & Arabic information on accessing the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation services.


Save time by going online – English & Arabic guide to accessing the BC social services My Self Serve account


Self Serve Assessment Application – English & Arabic application process for social services


MSDSI GAR Hubs -English & Arabic information on applying for income assistance


Services for Newcomers to Canada – English & Arabic fact sheet


Canada-BC Job Fund – Supports for Refugees MJTST Labour Market Programs  -Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training


BC Income Assistance Application Orientation English VersionArabic Version – by the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI)


Refugee-Fund-Criteria – information on eligibility to access the Refugee Fund




The UNHCR Canada has released a series of info-graphic 1-pagers providing more information on the Refugee Claimant and Resettlement System in Canada:


Refugee Resettlement Facts

Detention of Children Seeking Asylum in Canada

Detention of Persons Seeking Asylum in Canada

Canada Factsheet – March 2017

Refugee Claim Process – regular entry by land, sea, air

Are you in the U.S. and want to ask for asylum at the Canadian border?


Internet, Mobile Connectivity a Lifeline for Refugees – Report on based on research undertaken in 44 countries on four continents. It shows that for many refugees a connected device is a lifeline and a critical tool for self-empowerment.


UNHCR: Missing Out – Refugee education in crisis – Opportunities to learn diminish greatly when children are forced to flee their homes and as they grow older, a troubling new report from UNHCR has found.


Culture, context and mental health of Somali refugees – A primer for staff working in mental health and psychosocial support programmes.


UNHCR 2015 trends – Global trends on refugee resettlement




Migration Matter Info-sheet – Integration Outcomes of Resettled Refugees in Canada


Vancouver Public Library


Vancouver Public Library has compiled a list of books: Refugee life as experienced and told by the refugees themselves. There are currently 60 million refugees globally.


Federation of Canadian Municipalities


A toolkit for for municipal governments– How Municipal governments can create welcoming communities for refugees and immigrants.


BC Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training Fact Sheets


Supports for Immigrants and Refugees in British Columbia  – Province lists services and supports to newcomers


Services for refugees in BC – List of support and services from the federal and provincial governments


Webinar on Syrian Refugee Crisis


Escaping Conflict – UBC Professor Dan Hiebert explains the Syrian Refugee Crisis


For Teachers and Schools


Students from Refugee Backgrounds – An indepth  guide from the BC Ministry of Education


Resource Guide for Supporting Children with Refugee Experience – Surrey Welcoming Communities Project Refugee Myth Busting Campaign


Art & Stories by Children refugees in Surrey – A collection of stories


Helping Students Deal with Trauma – A Guide for students and educators created by the Islamic Social Service and the National Council of Canadian Muslims


Canadian Medical Association Journal

Caring for a newly arrived Syrian refugee family –  Journal article from the CMAJ,  a peer-reviewed general medical journal


Refugee Resettlement Trends


UNHCR 2015 trends – Global trends on refugee resettlement


Resettling 10 percent of Syrian Refugees – Oxfam report on the need to resettle 10 percent of Syrian refugees by the end of 2016


Vancity report – B.C. bound Syrian refugees to boost local economy


Vancity report – survey on instances of discrimination or racism


Refugee Youth and Migration – Journal from FQS on using arts-informed

research to understand changes in roles and responsibilities


Integrating Refugees into Host Country –  Report on Labor Markets: Challenges and Policy Options from the Migration Policy Institute


What Does it Take to House a Syrian Refugee? – The Manitoba Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has released a report on the housing and settlement initiatives targeted at Manitoba’s incoming Syrian refugees.


Finding Refuge in Canada: A Syrian Resettlement Story – Report from the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights.




New Directions in Refugee Youth Mental Health Services – Report on overcoming barriers to engagement on mental health


Health Status of Syrian Refugees – Report from the Public Health Agency of Canada


Culture, Context and the Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing of Syrians – A review for Mental Health from UNHCR


Syrian refugee and Affected Host Population Health Access Survey in Lebanon – A survey conducted by the The Center for Refugee and Disaster Response


Supporting the Mental Health of Refugees to Canada – A report prepared by the Mental Health Commission of Canada


Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)


Refugee Reform 2016 – CCR Recommendations – In the wake of the government’s evaluation report on the 2012 changes to Canada’s refugee determination system and the new government’s commitments, consideration is being given to modifications to the system.


Refugee Transportation Loan Infographic – The Canadian Council for refugees has put together an infographic to explain and make several recommendations concerning Refugee Transportation Loans.


Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada Publications

Frequently Viewed Publications – Make sure you’re up to date with new and updated publications from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

The National Children’s Bureau


Delivering the Healthy Child Programme for young refugee and migrant children – A report based on a scoping study undertaken by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) as part of the Health and Care Strategic Partnership Programme in England.


Refugee Law


Report of an Expert Workshop on Understanding Refugee Law as Shared Responsibility – Convened by the University of British Columbia in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Program in Refugee and Asylum Law Vancouver, Canada July 20-22, 2016


Journal on Refugees


Refuge – Canada’s Journal on Refugees: A Study of the Experiences of Integration and Settlement of Afghan Government-Assisted Refugees in Halifax, Canada by Shiva Nourpanah


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)


Information Bulletin – Government-Assisted Refugee (GAR) Resettlement in Canada


Information Bulletin – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – Privately Sponsored Refugee (PSR) Resettlement in Canada.


Information Bulletin – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – Blended Visa Office-Referred (BVOR) Refugee Resettlement in Canada.


Evaluation of the Resettlement Programs – The programs under review include Government Assisted Refugee (GAR) program, Privately Sponsored Refugee (PSR) program, Blended Visa – Office Referred (BVOR) program, and the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP).


University of Oxford Refugee Studies Centre


Recent publications – Numerous publications on the a variety of refugee topics from refugee rights to work to safe and voluntary refugee repatriation.


Research – RSC carries out multidisciplinary, policy-relevant research on the causes and consequences of forced migration.